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What to Do Before Getting Your Mobile Phone Repaired?

Before the peak of the internet, a smartphone used to be just an item on a teenager’s wish list. But now, everyone needs to carry a smartphone. It’s difficult to go without one. Everything you need is on it: services such as cars-for-hire, directions and maps, food delivery, mobile banking and money transfer, online shopping, messaging and social media, and more can be availed of with just a few clicks on a square screen.

If You Dropped It On The Floor

If your phone screen is made of resilient material like gorilla glass, there’s usually no need to worry. But when you pick it back up and discover that it’s cracked, chances are your phone is vulnerable to many different risks. The screen could malfunction. Liquids and other outside elements could seep through your screen and further damage your phone. Cover the screen with a clear packing tape. You will still be able to use it until you have your screen replaced.


If You Dropped It In Water

Most phones are water-resistant now, but only to a certain degree (it should be resistant enough to rain, wet fingers, etc.) Sometimes accidents happen, and dropping--drowning--a phone in water is one of the most common phone-related accidents. After you’ve fished it out of the water, dry it with your shirt or towel and turn it off to keep it from short-circuiting. The popular remedy is to stick it in a bag of uncooked rice. The rice absorbs the moisture from the phone. Then, have it checked as soon as possible.


If It’s Acting Up For “No Reason”

Are there random bars in the middle of your screen? Is the touch response delayed, or worse, does it not respond at all? Does your phone die all of a sudden? The best thing to do in situations like these is to just not use your phone for a while or until you take it to the shop. Using it when you don’t yet know what’s wrong with it may mean further damage.


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