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  • 7 Main Reasons || Phone is charging slowly?
    May 14, 2021 Australia i-Station

    7 Main Reasons || Phone is charging slowly?

    Is your battery still under 50% even though you’ve charged it for over a few hours? There are a lot of reasons this may be so, like usage habits, system glitches and hardware problems. Let’s discuss seven main reasons. WHY IS...

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  • Repair or Replace a Broken Phone?
    May 13, 2021 i-StationAustralia

    Repair or Replace a Broken Phone?

    Smartphones are getting more and more important in our daily life like shopping, navigation, virtual meeting, playing games etc. When the phone broken, we always confuse about that should we repair or replace the phone? Before jumping on to conclusions, you must analyse and discover the actual issue of your smartphone. Cracked phone screens and broken home buttons are some common issues that can be solved by repair.  However, if there are any further critical issues and despite repeated repairs these issues continue to persist, then only a replacement can suffice your requirements.
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  • Do you really need an iPhone 12 in Australia?
    October 17, 2020 i-StationAustralia

    Do you really need an iPhone 12 in Australia?

    The latest iPhone 12 lineup has landed with the most significant design change in three years, support for high-speed 5G cellular networks—and a “mini” model (5.4 inch) for those of us who have felt that these increasingly huge phones are getting...

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