i-Station is keep trying to build a service centre that provide trustful,fast and friendly repair service for One Plus (1+) Phones,whatever is One Plus (1+) Phone cracked screen repair, One Plus (1+) Phone dead battery replacement, or One Plus (1+) Phone software issues, even want to buy or sell you second hand or broken One Plus (1+) Phones, that is no problem at all, all issues we can handle witn no hassles. we offer full warranty with all repairs we undertake and we also offer price beat policy, as long as you can find cheaper price in Perth we will beat their price even with 5% discount.
Need help? Call us anytime during business hour also you can check repair price by yourself before hand it to us.

i-Station One Plus (1+) Repair Service Price List

1+1 Phone repair Price List

ManufacturerDeviceProblemRepair PriceDiscounted priceWarranty
One Plus1+1Glass & LCD Screen Replacement100NA3 Months
One Plus1+1Battery Replacement90503 Months
One Plus1+1Charging Port Repair80503 Months
One Plus1+1Headphone Jack Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+1Earpiece Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+1Front Camera Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+1Back Camera Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+1Loud Speaker Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+1Power Button Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+1Volume Button Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+1Software Repair40NA3 Months
One Plus1+1Check & Quote40NA3 Months
One Plus1+1Sim Tray Holder Replacement20153 Months

1+2 Phone repair Price List

ManufacturerDeviceProblemRepair PriceDiscounted priceWarranty
One Plus1+2Glass & LCD Screen Replacement120NA3 Months
One Plus1+2Battery Replacement90503 Months
One Plus1+2Charging Port Repair80503 Months
One Plus1+2Headphone Jack Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+2Earpiece Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+2Front Camera Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+2Back Camera Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+2Loud Speaker Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+2Power Button Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+2Volume Button Repair80353 Months
One Plus1+2Software Repair40NA3 Months
One Plus1+2Check & Quote40NA3 Months
One Plus1+2Sim Tray Holder Replacement20153 Months

1+3/1+3X Phone repair Price List

ManufacturerDeviceProblemRepair PriceDiscounted priceWarranty
One Plus1+3/1+3TGlass & LCD Screen Replacement195NA3 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TBack Housing Replacement90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TBattery Replacement90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TCharging Port Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3THeadphone Jack Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TEarpiece Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TFront Camera Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TBack Camera Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TLoud Speaker Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TPower Button Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TVolume Button Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TSoftware Repair40NA3 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TCheck & Quote40NA3 Months
One Plus1+3/1+3TSim Tray Holder Replacement20154 Months

1+5 Phone repair Price List

ManufacturerDeviceProblemRepair PriceDiscounted priceWarranty
One Plus1+5Glass & LCD Screen Replacement225NA3 Months
One Plus1+5Back Housing Replacement120703 Months
One Plus1+5Battery Replacement100703 Months
One Plus1+5Charging Port Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5Headphone Jack Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5Earpiece Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5Front Camera Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5Back Camera Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5Loud Speaker Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5Power Button Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5Volume Button Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5Software Repair40NA3 Months
One Plus1+5Check & Quote40NA3 Months
One Plus1+5Sim Tray Holder Replacement20154 Months

1+5T Phone repair Price List

ManufacturerDeviceProblemRepair PriceDiscounted priceWarranty
One Plus1+5TGlass & LCD Screen Replacement245NA3 Months
One Plus1+5TBack Housing Replacement120703 Months
One Plus1+5TBattery Replacement100703 Months
One Plus1+5TCharging Port Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5THeadphone Jack Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5TEarpiece Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5TFront Camera Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5TBack Camera Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5TLoud Speaker Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5TPower Button Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5TVolume Button Repair100703 Months
One Plus1+5TSoftware Repair40NA3 Months
One Plus1+5TCheck & Quote40NA3 Months
One Plus1+5TSim Tray Holder Replacement20154 Months

1+6 Phone repair Price List

ManufacturerDeviceProblemRepair PriceDiscounted priceWarranty
One Plus1+6Glass & LCD Screen Replacement265NA3 Months
One Plus1+6Back Glass Replacement120703 Months
One Plus1+6Battery Replacement120703 Months
One Plus1+6Charging Port Repair120703 Months
One Plus1+6Headphone Jack Repair120703 Months
One Plus1+6Earpiece Repair120703 Months
One Plus1+6Front Camera Repair120703 Months
One Plus1+6Back Camera Repair120703 Months
One Plus1+6Loud Speaker Repair120703 Months
One Plus1+6Power Button Repair120703 Months
One Plus1+6Volume Button Repair120703 Months
One Plus1+6Software Repair40NA3 Months
One Plus1+6Check & Quote40NA3 Months
One Plus1+6Sim Tray Holder Replacement20153 Months

1+X Phone repair Price List

ManufacturerDeviceProblemRepair PriceDiscounted priceWarranty
One Plus1+XGlass & LCD Screen Replacement195NA3 Months
One Plus1+XBack Housing Replacement90503 Months
One Plus1+XBattery Replacement90503 Months
One Plus1+XCharging Port Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+XHeadphone Jack Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+XEarpiece Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+XFront Camera Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+XBack Camera Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+XLoud Speaker Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+XPower Button Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+XVolume Button Repair90503 Months
One Plus1+XSoftware Repair40NA3 Months
One Plus1+XCheck & Quote40NA3 Months
One Plus1+XSim Tray Holder Replacement20153 Months

*Prices include Parts, Installation and GST, also with 3 month standard warranty
*Discounted price is eligible when more than one part to be fixed at the same time, the cheaper replacement part repair fee will be counted by discount price.